2020              Organ Fantasia on “Billings”
2020              Organ Prelude on “Bread of Heaven”
2020              O Lord, I am thy Servant
2019              Easter
2017              The Wisdom of God
2017              A Fraction Anthem
2014              Faithful to You
2014               The Wisdom of God

2013               God be merciful unto us
2013               Organ Prelude on “Halton Holgate”
2013               Organ Prelude on “Cranham”
2012               Communion Anthem
2012               Mass Setting
2012               Morning Canticles
2010               “East Knoyle” Hymn Tune
2010               “High Peak” Hymn Tune
2010               An anthem for All Saints
2010               A Prayer for St Alcuin
2010               Be present, Lord
2009               St Chad’s Suite for organ
2009                How Bright these Glorious Spirits Shine
2009                May the Mystery of God Enfold Us
2008                Oculi Omnium
2008                A Communion Prayer
2008                A Valediction Anthem
2008                Congregational Mass
2007                A Dartmouth Litany
2006                As the deer longs for the waterbrooks
2005                Te Deum
2005                Almighty God, we beseech Thee
2005                O Holy Ghost, O Paraclete
2004                Song of Mary Magdalene
2003                A Christmas Lullaby
2003                Ubi caritas et amor
2002                My Beloved is mine
2001                For the beauty of the earth
1999                And I saw a new heaven
1997                For his Love
2000               Love from God
1995                Love came down at Christmas
1995                O Holy Spirit



RSCM America St Louis Course
Cathedral of St John, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Episcopal Church of St Michael the Archangel, Lexington,KY
Cathedral of the Incarnation, Garden City, New York
Martyrs’ Catholic School, Leicester
RSCM America Carolina Course
Lichfield Cathedral
St Stephen’s Church, Bournemouth
Church of Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, USA
Church of Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, USA
Lubbock URC, Texas
Sacramento Cathedral/David Link
Richard Tanner
David Leeke
Grace Episcopal Church, Kirkwood, St Louis, USA
Shrewsbury School
Jesus College, Cambridge
St Chad’s, Shrewsbury
Clayesmore School
Holy Trinity, Coventry
Dartmouth Parish Church
Sacramento Cathedral CA
Holy Trinity, Vero, Florida
Friends of Salisbury Cathedral
Southern Cathedrals Festival
Salisbury Cathedral
David and Ann Cooke
St Peter’s Church, Wolverhampton
Christ Church, Charlotte NC
Leaden Hall School, Salisbury
Trinity Church, Princeton, USA
Collegium Choir, Warwick
Bristol and Gloucester RSCM
Abbott’s Bromley School
Sheffield Cathedral